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Notice for Risk:

CryptoPedians is not supported or ensured by any financial organization; when dealing with us you may expect all kinds of financial risks. Clients should look into and think about the financial risks when buying any packages from CryptoPedians. The organization positively makes no assurance about the future value of cryptocurrency acquired.


Client Mistakes:

It is the sole duty of the client to check the information entered on the site. For any typing or human error leading to financial loss of clients is not ensured by CryptoPedians in any case.


Invalid Details:

For any details provided by the users proved to be invalid or misleading will be subject to loss of client not the company. We reserve the right to cancel any refund or orders if false information is provided. We do not support fake ID’s, address, documents or name.


Authenticity of Information:

In case of any doubt we may ask our clients to provide authentication of the information they provided. We do not support any fake registration or fake information of any kind on site.


Fraudulent Activity:

Any activity of users/clients proved to be fraudulent will be subject to strict action by company. We reserve the right to cancel your registration, hold your funds and cancel all payments and dealing of any kind on the website in case of proven fraudulent activity.


No Guarantee of Future Services:

Company reserve the right to permanently or temporarily stop its working and dealing of all kinds with all or some of the users. Users have the right to their previous balance but no future guarantee is given to any of our users.