Below are a list of more common crypto terms.

This article will explain more about the common crypto terms you might come across. Most importantly, you will be able to use these common crypto terms after understanding them.

common crypto terms

What is the difference between TestNet and MainNet?
TestNet and MainNet are mainly the 2 networks on every blockchain.
TestNet is the network used before launching of the project to test all the functionality.
MainNet is the actual network where all the real transactions take place. It’ primarily used after deployment of the project.
What is a DApp?
DApp is a decentralized appstore where anyone can publish their apps. Thus, it does not require a middleman to function or to manage a user’s information.
What is an Airdrop?
Coins that are distributed among any person to do a task is called an Airdrop.
What is a HardFork?
A HardFork is a radical change to the protocol that turns invalid blocks/transactions to a valid one or vice-versa.