Which cryptocurrency to invest?

Wondering which cryptocurrency to invest? There are several good ones to invest. I will go through them one by one so that you don’t have to waste your time wondering which cryptocurrency to invest. If you like our article about which cryptocurrency to invest, consider sharing it.

One of the coins on my list is Ethereum Classic (ETC).

which cryptocurrency to invest

Firstly, the DEV team is working on the Emerald Project, which is going to be a platform for future decentralized applications (dapps) on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. One of the first of these dapps will be the Emerald Wallet, but the project is not limited to just being a wallet.
Secondly, many changes are coming up too in terms of fundamental.

1) Beta mobile wallet and eventually releasing it


2) Disabling difficulty bomb and hard forking

The original Ethereum protocol, as implemented by the Ethereum Foundation, included a so-called “difficulty bomb.” Baked into the software, Ethereum’s mining difficulty is programmed to increase exponentially over time. This has been unnoticeable up till now. However, by around April or May of this year, it is set to increase so rapidly that mining will necessarily become unprofitable.
As a result, no more blocks will be found at all and the protocol will effectively freeze. This will result in an “Ice Age.”

3) Enable new opcodes for compatibility with ETH


4) Sidechains support in Emerald projects and its first SDK release

One of ETC Dev’s ultimate goals is a Software Development Kit for Ethereum Classic Dapps, meaning that Emerald Project would become a platform for a set of other Dapps. It will provide a set of tools to build your own Dapps with instruments to test which packs as a desktop, web or mobile app.

5) SputnikVM optimizations and JIT compilation

A next generation of EVM developed by DEV team. It’s a separate embeddable EVM, compatible with IoT and different types of Ethereum blockchains. They are also going to work on further improvements such as parallel execution, optimizations for different hardware architectures and Just-In-Time compilation for EVM bytecode.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine focuses on providing security and executing untrusted code by computers all over the world. To be more specific, this project focuses on preventing Denial-of-service attacks.

6) Fully IoT-compatible infrastructure of ETC and EVM upgrade

The combination of ETC and IoT will not only raise the bar for IoT technology, it will also give ETC development a boost.
Thirdly, ETC is still undervalued in terms of technical.

Note that 50(green), 100(orange) and 200(red) day moving averages are used.
From the 1D graph, you can see that it hits ATH of nearly 0.01 around May last year, and has been going down.
As long as the 50 MA is still above both the 100 and 200 MA, ETC will still be bullish. Bear in mind that it also has many upcoming projects, so buy now before it’s too late!