FAQ about understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain

Ever since i have created my telegram channel https://t.me/cryptopedians , many people have been asking me questions relating to understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain is not difficult at all once you have read this article.

Questions 1

Relating to my Buy Signals, what are the differences between Fast, Short Term, Mid Term, Long term Signals, and HODL signals?

Note that they are all based on news via Exclusive Newsletter channel, however, it is only available for VIP Premium members. You will only get buy signals WITHOUT the news on Free and Trial channel.

When i post news for exclusive newsletter group, sometimes i won’t post buy signals on VIP premium. You can buy that news if you manage to catch the pump.




Fast Signals

I started https://t.me/cryptopedians with fast and small profts, and ALL signals target was reached until XEL fake news, i was greedy and wanted larger profit. Guess What?

understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain

I lost MOST of my swing trading profits. I realize i can earn more by waiting, that’s why i stopped swing trading. So i rarely use Fast signals anymore because not only they take too much time, and all it takes is 1 bad trade and greed (Trust Me guys, we are all emotional people) for you to lose all your swing trading profits!

Short Term Signals

These are signals that takes less than 7 days to reach the target.


Mid Term Signals

These are signals that takes 7 days – 1 month to reach the target.

Long Term Signals

These are signals that takes more than 1 month to reach the target.

Usually, for Long Term signals, i will always put buy @ now because you have to really go for long term, and have to endure BloodBath too.

2nd Target Signals

These are signals that have reached their first target, but have not reached the second target.

I set 1 – 3 targets depending on the situation,

For example,

Buy @ 2150 – 2290 (0.00002150 satoshi – 0.00002290 satoshi)
Sell @ 2960 – 3800 (0.00002960 – 0.00003800)

2960 (NOT $2960) is the first target, i can put either  or to separate first and second target

Since $gup already reaches the 1st target of 2960, the second target will be 3800


HODL signals

These are signals that can be pumped anytime.


Questions 2

How do i maximize profits and minimize losses?


Buy a minimal of 5 coins (DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR MONEY ON 1 COIN) and keep a bit of BTC in case of a minor bloodbath so that you can buy in dip.

I maximize profits by buying in dip for those ALTs that aren’t reaching their targets earlier than expected.

By putting how many % you should put in one coin, you can minimize your losses too. 

10% – 20% : 
Generally, all the HODL, Long Term and Mid Term Signals, i would put 10%. 
Those Technical Analysis (TA) based signals with not much volume, i will also put 10%.
Coins that are not in page 1 and 2 of Bittrex will also be 10%. 
20% – 30% :
Signals that give 1 reliable fundamental news like Hard Fork, i will put 20%.

More than 30% : 
These are coins that give more than 2 IMPORTANT news in upcoming weeks, i will put more than 30%. 
There are difference between useless and important news on a coin.
Useless one are those like conferences, flash pumps and FOMOs etc
Important one are those like upcoming projects, block halving, HardFork etc


Questions 3

What’s the difference between VIP Premium, trial and free channel?

FREE channel:

– TA based signals that profits 10% 

– Risk management strategy where i will allocate how many % you should be putting in one coin

– No Cross Promotion


– All the benefits you will get in VIP PREMIUM channel

– It will only be opened FEW days before the actual VIP PREMIUM one starts

In addition to getting the FREE channel benefits, VIP PREMIUM channel has a lot more advantages than the Free one.

To find out more, go to http://crypto-whales.blogspot.co.id/2017/11/cryptopedians-monthly-vip-premium.html